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Specialty Introduction

The soil remediation research department is mainly engaged in the improvement of blocked farmland, the improvement of poor soil quality and the remediation and management of polluted soil. Soil remediation focuses on two directions: "improvement of blocked farmland and soil quality" and "investigation and remediation for contaminated sites".

Four technical systems have been formed to improve poor soil and soil quality in saline-alkali land, improve acid soil and soil quality, improve soil quality in facility agriculture, and develop microbial functional agents for agriculture. In view of the main characteristics of different types of saline-alkali land, a diagnosis platform of soil obstacle factors was established, which could quickly detect the soil obstacle factors, and a diversified targeted treatment scheme was established based on the characteristics of different types of soil. Now, we have formed the improvement technology system and improved environmentally friendly products for inland soda saline-alkali land, seashore saline soil and hetao secondary saline-alkali soil. The technology system can achieve the alkali resistance to salt, improve soil structure, improve crop rhizosphere microenvironment, control soil and water ecological environment, improve soil quality, and develop crop quality, etc. The verification of technology in the field and industry promotion after four years in 2016-2019 in Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia and other regions, the total area of promotion reached 10000 mu. For the alkali-saline land at pH 8.5 to 10.5, the soil alkalization degrees significantly reduce 10-20%, soil pH reduce 0.5-1.5 units, and ion exchangeable sodium reduce 3-5%.

The investigation and remediation of contaminated sites is mainly aimed at relocating contaminated sites in chemical factory, mining polluted site, pollution of farmland, to conduct field investigation, risk assessment and soil remediation and formed the electric remediation technology, microwave hot repair technology, plasma high voltage pulse discharge soil remediation technology. We established the research and development platform of new soil remediation technology with soil remediation technology. The main research direction include site environmental investigation, contaminated site investigation and risk assessment, and formulate technical plans for remediation of contaminated sites. The company has completed a number of site environmental investigation and risk assessment projects in Liaoning, Hebei and other places.

Technical introduction

1、Saline-alkali soil improvement

Aiming at the problem of saline-alkali soil high pH, high salt content, low effective phosphorus, a single soil structure, fragile ecological environment, inhibition of crop growth, we build the technology to decrease the pH, improve soil structure, regulate the soil rhizosphere environment, promote soil fertility, and improve crop quality. Our technology has been applied in Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, etc. The accumulative application area has reached more than 10000 mu.


2、Acid soil improvement

Aiming at the problem of acid soil low pH, low base saturation, low available nutrients, low beneficial microbial activity and active aluminium poisoning, we build the technology to reduce soil acidity, enhance soil fertility and increase crop yield, improve crop quality. At present, the technology has been applied in Hunan, Jilin province.

3、Sandy soil improvement

Aiming at the problems of poor water and fertilizer retention ability, low organic matter content and poor microbial habitat in sandy soil, an integrated technology was established to improve microbial community structure, improve soil water and fertilizer retention ability, promote soil nutrient circulation, improve crop yield and improve crop quality. At present, in Inner Mongolia area demonstration promotion area of more than 1000 mu.

4、Investigation and risk assessment of contaminated sites

For chemical industry, thermal industry, thermal power industry and other relocation sites to conduct investigating, sampling, testing, analysis, according to land planning and utilization functions, according to the relevant standards to determine whether the soil pollutants exceed the standard, such as exceeding the standard, it is considered that there may be health risks, then carry out a detailed investigation, and give a remediation project.

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